Sword and Song

Books. Music. Cats. Life.

Second official blog post! Let's do this! As the name says, this post will be a list of my favorite things , from books to animals to music and beyond. I'm going to break it up into multiple post so don't fret if I don't talk about cats just yet.

Favorite Books

For this, I’m going to cheat a little and name genres instead because I honestly don’t have any favorite books.


I’ve been a long-time reader of blogs and now thought it was time to try my hand at this thing. My main ramblings—I mean posts will be about books of the fantasy variety and songs of the whatever is occupying my mind that day variety, but expect it to lean in the Christian direction. I'm the greenest of the green newbies here, so bear with me while I figure this blogging thing out. My name is Erin and welcome to Sword and Song.

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