A Few of My Favorite Things: Part 1

Second official blog post! Let's do this! As the name says, this post will be a list of my favorite things , from books to animals to music and beyond. I'm going to break it up into multiple post so don't fret if I don't talk about cats just yet.

Favorite Books

For this, I’m going to cheat a little and name genres instead because I honestly don’t have any favorite books.


Fantasy was the genre that I was raised on. As a kid, we'd go on 3-hour or so road trips and take Chronicles of Narnia in audio form with us. Side note: please go check out Focus on the Family’s version—simply phenomenal. As I've matured, I've still sought out those fantasy books that emphasize the small—and even large and magical—wonders of the world. I may do a separate post on the overwhelming love I have for dragons, but suffice it to say they're my favorite mythical animal.


I didn't exactly grow up with this genre, but it did have a significant impact on me all the same. I remember listening to Larklight as a kid and thinking, “This is so weird but cool at the same time!” I never knew that quirky book with it's huge spiders and Victorian England “...but in space” would lead me to devouring things like These Broken Stars a trilogy with six different POV's and lots of loss and romance and... just go read it.


This is the newest genre that I've picked up and I'm including thrillers and romance in here just to make the post not too long. Some of my favorites are Heist Society about a girl who's family are multi-generational jewel and art thieves and the shenanigans that ensue from that situation, and A Million Junes which is more magical realism but that's for another post. These two books/series are completely different but have that splash of reality I need after a long binge of epic sword fights and cursed princesses.


I'm aware this post isn't very long and I hope to remedy that with practice. Who knows, you might see a novel on here in the near future. Anyway, that's just an overview of the books I'm into. Next post will be on my favorite music/artists, so look out for that coming soon. Until next time!